Celebrex Side Effects

Dangers Associated with Cox-2 Inhibitors   

celebrex cox-2 inhibitorA number of arthritis drugs belonging to the Cox-2 family have been associated with significant heart risks. Our law firm also is representing people injured by Vioxx and Bextra.

The fallout for these drugs began on September 30, 2004 when Merck announced a worldwide withdrawal of Vioxx. This recall came after numerous clinical studies (dating back to as early as 2000) reported significant increases in heart attacks and strokes among patients.

Physicians immediately expressed concern that the problem was not limited to Vioxx and may be common among all Cox-2 Inhibitors. Within weeks of the Vioxx recall, Pfizer announced that Bextra would be accompanied by a warning after a study indicated elevated heart risks among high-risk patients.

Pfizer Announces that Celebrex Study Showed Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

celebrex and heart attackDecember 17, 2004 Pfizer announced what many had expected for months Celebrex also was linked to increased incidences of heart problems. The serious side effects included heart attack and stroke.

In a study including only 2,000 patients, 35 participants suffered a cardiac death, heart attack or stroke during the trial. Only 6 participants taking the placebo suffered a serious cardiovascular event.

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