Swerving Car Rolls for 300 Yards Ejecting Occupants

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A registered nurse in the backseat of a van jumped into action Sunday night after she looked back and witnessed a swerving Pontiac Grand Am that rolled repeatedly for 300 yards and ejected both occupants.

The ejected driver, 20, is in serious condition in hospital and is facing charges including impaired driving and driving with more than the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, Amherstburg police reported late Sunday night. The passenger has already been released from hospital.

Linda McLeod, a local woman who works at a hospital in Detroit, was in a vehicle going south on County Road 20 towards Amherstburg, when the driver looked in the rear-view mirror and exclaimed: Oh my, oh my!

She turned to see the vehicle behind them lose control at the County Road 10 intersection.

When she saw the rollover and passengers ejected before the vehicle landed on its tires, she said her instincts immediately took over. As the van was slowing and finding a place to park, she hopped out.

I was already out of the vehicle before he came to a stop, McLeod said.

Amherstburg police at the scene said the Grand Am was travelling south on Front Road, when it veered and rolled approximately 300 yards before coming to a stop on the northeast corner of the intersection.

The two young males, the driver with serious injuries from the accident, were transported to the Ouellette site of Windsor Regional Hospital in Windsor.

McLeod said she rushed to the young man shed seen ejected and checked for vital signs. He kept going in and out of consciousness, she said. At one point she performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the young male, who had a big gash on his head.

I have his blood all over me, McLeod said.

Rose Jackson, a resident on County Road 10, said she didn't see the accident but heard people screaming in front of her house. When she stepped out her door to investigate, she saw a small crowd forming around the injured driver.

I heard this howling noise, Jackson said of the shouting. Then I saw the fellow on the ground, and the other man (the passenger) pounding on his car screaming.

It was a mess.

She immediately offered her services, supplying a warm blanket for the injured man on the ground and a bathroom for McLeod to clean up.

The car was mangled with windows smashed, wheels turned horizontal and parts strewn across the road and grass.

Amherstburg police said its unclear how the driver lost control of his car.

The OPP technical reconstruction team was on the scene late Sunday, said police, who said further charges may be warranted after a more thorough investigation.

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