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What Happens After an Insurance Company Makes its First Settlement Offer?

After a personal injury, the insurance company usually steps in and may offer a settlement to resolve the matter. This first settlement offer is usually not enough to cover all the expenses incurred from the accident, let alone the compensation necessary… Read More

Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters After an Accident to Devalue or Deny Claims

Many accident victims are under the mistaken belief that insurance companies exist to help with their claim. In stark contrast, insurance companies sustain themselves by bringing in more premium payments than payouts for claims. Therefore, their adjusters… Read More

Why Keeping a Journal is an Essential Component to Your Injury Case

One of the things that a skilled personal injury lawyer will do to help you with your claim is to identify all aspects of the damages that you have sustained after an accident. While some of these damages are easier to quantify, such as vehicle repairs… Read More

Two Rapid Assessment Centers Open at Windsor Regional Hospital to Reduce Wait Times

This week, two new Rapid Assessment Centres (RACS) have opened at Windsor Regional Hospital. These centres will be offering quicker access to specialized health care for Windsor patients suffering from hip, knee and low back pain. Patients previously… Read More

What Steps Can I Take to Increase the Value of My Personal Injury Claim?

If you were injured in an accident, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer quickly to help you with your claim. While a lawyer can assist you with various aspects of your claim, there are also proactive steps that you can take to increase… Read More

What You Should Do to Protect Your Rights After a Dog Bite

Getting bit or attacked by a dog is a terrifying experience that can leave victims in shock and unsure about what to do. There are several steps to take to begin treating your injuries and collect evidence that may allow you to build a case against the… Read More

What to Look for When Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

After suffering a personal injury, you likely have many things on your plate. While focusing on recovering physically and mentally, you may also need to find a good lawyer who can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost… Read More

Windsor Girl Is Walking Again After Being Impaled by Golf Club

A 16-year-old Windsor girl who suffered a brain injury after falling onto a sawed-off golf club during gym class can now walk short distances again, despite doctors’ predictions. Madison Arseneault is walking several steps at a time on her own, even… Read More

Personal Injury Cases Involving Chronic Pain

After a personal injury accident, victims may suffer from chronic pain. While injury victims may be entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustain, pain is difficult to observe and quantify in medical records. Establishing the suffering of chronic… Read More

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are far too common, especially during winter in Ontario. Because these accidents can lead to serious injuries, it is important to know what to do after a slip and fall accident to help protect yourself and your legal right to compensation… Read More