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Why are Cigarettes in Canada Still Big Business?

Smoking kills. Its a powerful and true statement. However, despite educating people about the  consequences and dangers, despite Big Tobacco publicly addressing smoking's adverse health effects, nicotine manipulation and the impact of secondhand smoke… Read More

Class Action Links Smoking Cessation Aid Champix with Suicidal Side Effects

Since its introduction to the Canadian market in 2007, the smoking cessation drug Champix has been linked to 44 patient deaths, 30 of which were suicides. Now, a class-action lawsuit alleging psychological side effects of the drug is proceeding against… Read More

Tobacco Companies Coming to Ontario Court

International tobacco companies will not be able to escape Ontario's court battle for $50 billion. The province's government won a very important victory when the Ontario Court of Appeal rejected the idea that the international parent companies of tobacco… Read More