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Dramatic Drop in Smoking Rates Cheered By Health Advocates

The local smoking rate has hit an all-time low, dropping lower than the provincial rate for the first time in memory. The 16.9 per cent rate for daily and occasional smokers is under the 19.2 per cent provincial rate and is half what it was in the late… Read More

Record Cold Blasts Ontario Prompting Driver Warning

With a forecast low of -20 Deg C and a wind chill dropping the apparent temperature even further, the current cold weather blast being felt throughout Ontario and the Northern US states is expected to break the current January low temperature of -20.6… Read More

More Crews Hired To Help Move Windsor Snow

As of noon today, Windsor will have spent about a half-million dollars on snow removal since the white stuff began falling on New Years Eve. So much snow has fallen and continues to fall on Windsor, that the city has brought in extra contracted crews… Read More

Windsor Court Reporter Retiring After 49 Years

Richard Lafreniere is retiring from court reporting by the end of the year after 49 years in a career that meant recording testimony from speeders, drug dealers, and murderers. Lafreniere was Windsors first male court reporter when he started in 1964… Read More

Focus Group Mock Jury Presentation

The law offices of Greg Monforton and Partners would like to extend the opportunity to individuals interested in being part of a mock jury presentation. Are you curious about this part of the legal process? This is an excellent opportunity to watch a… Read More

Windsor, Essex County Snowfall Warning Issued

In a recent notice released by Environment Canada, a snowfall warning has been issued for Windsor, Essex County and Chatham-Kent, with 15 to 20 centimetres being forecast by Sunday morning, including strong winds and blustery conditions expected to develop… Read More

Windsorites Recall Inspirational Mandela

Nelson Mandela's life in South Africa was largely defined by his race, but as local residents mourned one of the great figures of the 20th century it was his gentleness and humanity that defined him. Because of him a lot of things changed in my life,… Read More

Holiday Choir Fundraising Event

The Greg Monforton & Partners Holiday Choir performed at Devonshire Mall on Tuesday December 3, 2013singing for money and proudly raising over $1,600 from shoppers for the Sunshine Foundation Dreams for Kids http://www.sunshine.ca/. The Sunshine Foundation… Read More

University of Windsor Law School May Relocate Downtown

Read Original Article At CBC news Windsor According to reliable sources reporting to CBC News, it has been revealed that the University of Windsor Faculty of Law is currently considering a move to the Paul Martin federal building located at Ouellette… Read More

Prevent Deadly Injuries to Your Family with One Simple Household Item

According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five fire deaths occur in houses without smoke alarms, or with smoke alarms that no longer work. Without a doubt, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms save lives. However, in order to work;… Read More