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Greg Monforton & Partners Referral Services

Greg Monforton & Partners is committed to providing personalized attention and service to everyone who contacts us. When an injury victim calls us, we provide free resources to try give each caller the help that is needed. If we cannot take on a case,… Read More

Windsor Ranks 38th for National Safe Driving

This years seventh annual Allstate Safe Driving Study reveals that Windsor has moved up in the rankings for safe driving, despite a rise in the number of accidents. This year, the city ranks 38 out of 81 cities, an increase from 49 in 2013. Through an… Read More

Free Help For No-Fault Insurance Claims

Greg Monforton & Partners is dedicated to providing quality service and personal attention to all clients and all who call our office for help. Our intake team includes a lawyer, two former insurance adjusters and three full-time clerical staff who provide… Read More

Free Services Provided by Greg Monforton & Partners

Since 1981, Greg Monforton & Partners has been dedicated to providing affordable access to legal services for those who have little or no access to lawyers. Each year we help protect the legal rights of hundreds of Windsor-Essex County people who have… Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

While Halloween may be a fun night to celebrate by going to parties, dressing up and getting candy, it is wise to take precautions regarding your childrens safety. Here are seven Halloween safety tips that could make the holiday a little safer and give… Read More

Volkswagen Probe Initiated after Takata Airbag Incident

A collision in June between a deer and Volkswagen SUV where a side airbag inflated too forcefully has once again raised concerns about the safety of Takata airbags. Volkswagen is recalling 460,000 cars in North America because of possible issues with… Read More

OPP Reports on Deadliest Civic Day Weekend in Recent History

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reporting that the weekend of Aug. 1, 2015, was one of the deadliest long Civic Day weekends in recent history. According to the OPP, 16 people died over the weekend in a number of accident-related incidents. If… Read More

How to Prevent Summer Recreation Injuries

Accidents occur frequently during the summer because some people are preoccupied with their activities to the point that they are not aware of their surroundings. If you or someone you love is injured this summer as a result of another individual's negligence,… Read More

Health Canada Considers New Guidelines for Acetaminophen

Following liver injuries being linked to high doses of acetaminophen, Health Canada is considering changing the daily maximum dosage for these popular medications. A recent local investigation revealed that over the last decade, acetaminophen has led… Read More

Study Reveals Overprescribing of Antibiotics in Nursing Homes

A new study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine medical journal examined the use of antibiotics in Ontario nursing homes, and revealed an increased use of these drugs in Ontario nursing homes. According to the study, about two-thirds of nursing home… Read More