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Medical Experts May Have Bias Toward Insurance Companies

A recent article published by the National Post highlights a grave concern in personal injury litigation of bias among independent medical experts toward the insurance providers who hire them. The article noted several instances in which medical experts,… Read More

Brad Robitaille Identifies New Amherstburg Waffle Destination

Brad Robitaille, co-founder of Greg Monforton & Partners and managing partner of the firm, was named in a recent CBC News article and segment of “Food with Jonathan Pinto.” Each week, the segment features some of the tastiest food in the region. Robitaille… Read More

Windsor Vying to be Test Site for Autonomous Vehicles

The city of Windsor is one of the latest Canadian cities hoping to become a site for testing self-driving cars. The city teamed up with the University of Windsor and local colleges in a joint pitch to Ford Canada to become the location for its Canadian… Read More

Ontario Provincial Police Encourages Snowmobiler Safety

Ontario Provincial Police is reminding residents that following snowmobile laws and being properly trained on how to handle the vehicles is important for maintaining safety this winter. Snowmobiling can be very dangerous and can result in serious accidents… Read More

Drinking and Driving Still a Problem in Ontario

With its annual Festive R.I.D.E. campaign coming to a close on Jan. 2, 2015, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has expressed concern that drivers are still not getting the message that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. This… Read More

New Pedestrian Crossing Rules to Begin Jan. 1, 2016

Starting Jan. 1, 2016, drivers and bicyclists must stop and yield the whole road way at pedestrian crosswalks and school crossings where a crossing guard is holding a stop sign. As part of the Making Ontarios Roads Safer Act, these new regulations pertain… Read More

Ontario Company Develops Sensor to Detect Drunk Drivers

What if your steering wheel could tell if you have been drinking the moment you get behind the wheel? A Waterloo, Ontario-based startup has worked to do just that in an effort to develop technology that could make the breathalyzer obsolete. Sober Steering… Read More

Greg Monforton & Partners Referral Services

Greg Monforton & Partners is committed to providing personalized attention and service to everyone who contacts us. When an injury victim calls us, we provide free resources to try give each caller the help that is needed. If we cannot take on a case,… Read More

Windsor Ranks 38th for National Safe Driving

This years seventh annual Allstate Safe Driving Study reveals that Windsor has moved up in the rankings for safe driving, despite a rise in the number of accidents. This year, the city ranks 38 out of 81 cities, an increase from 49 in 2013. Through an… Read More

Free Help For No-Fault Insurance Claims

Greg Monforton & Partners is dedicated to providing quality service and personal attention to all clients and all who call our office for help. Our intake team includes a lawyer, two former insurance adjusters and three full-time clerical staff who provide… Read More