Ontario Auto Accidents Blog

Two Injured In Giles Boulevard East Collision

Windsor Police and EMS services have released details on a serious two car accident that took place on Sunday afternoon at the Giles Boulevard East and Dougall Avenue intersection in Windsor. The incident involved a Chevrolet Cavalier and a Pontiac Montana… Read More

Will Black Boxes Become Mandatory in Cars? Some Regulators Hope So

If you have recently been involved in an auto accident, its likely that the details of the crash were recorded in your vehicles black box. According to the U.S. government, more than 90 percent of all new cars have these devices. It was actually the… Read More

Pickup Truck Strikes Pedestrian On Tecumseh Road

Windsor Police have released details on a pedestrian accident that occurred at approximately 1 p.m on Friday afternoon. According to reports, the female accident victim was crossing Tecumseh Road at the intersection of Tecumseh Road East and Rose Ville… Read More

Three Vehicle Collision At Huron Church and Dorchester Injures One

Local authorities have advised that a three vehicle collision that occurred on Tuesday afternoon at the Huron Church & Dorchester intersection has resulted in the injury of one motorist. Police are currently investigating the accident, although the accident… Read More

Dying Motorist Spends Last Moments With Friend

Leah Garrod had a broken leg and there was no hope of lifting the smoking SUV off her dying friend. So she crawled over to Katie Robson and lay next to her, hoping to make her last moments as peaceful as possible. I had to get out through the back first,… Read More

Female Pedestrian Injured After Being Hit By Truck

Local Police are investigating a serious pedestrian vs. truck accident that took place on Friday afternoon. The incident involved a female pedestrian and a heavy duty vehicle when the driver of the truck was trying to make a turn on Tecumseh Road East… Read More

Accident On Lauzon Road Kills 20 Year Old LaSalle Woman

Windsor Police have released details on an accident that took place early Friday morning involving two vehicles on Lauzon Road, near Transby Avenue. According to reports, a 20 year old LaSalle woman suffered fatal injuries in the crash while two others… Read More

RECALL NOTICE: New GM Recall To Affect More Vehicles In Canada

After issuing a number of recent automotive recalls throughout Canada and the U.S, automaker General Motors has yet again released another recall that is expected to affect more than 145,000 GM vehicles in Canada. The issues stems from a problem with… Read More

Does Ontario Need Dedicated Funding For Road Repairs?

At the recent launch of its annual "Worst Roads" campaign, the Canadian Automobile Association South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) has called for the need of a dedicated fund to help fix the province's roadways, highways, bridges and other road-related infrastructure. In… Read More

Toyota to Pay $1.2 Billion for Unintended Acceleration Defect, But What Do Canadians Get?

On March 20, 2014, the United States Justice Department announced that Toyota will pay a $1.2 billion penalty to settle the unintended acceleration problems that led to the recall of 8.1 million vehicles in 2009. "Today, we can say for certain that Toyota… Read More