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When Am I Legally Obligated to Report a Crash?

Car accidents can be very stressful, and depending on the seriousness of the crash, can cause extensive injuries and damages or no significant harm at all. If you have been in a collision, you may be wondering when you should report it. Is there more… Read More

How Fault is Determined in an Ontario Parking Lot Accident

Accidents in parking lots happen a lot more than people realize. While most of these accidents are minor and involve low speed impact, some can still result in serious damages. Determining fault in a parking lot accident can also be difficult. It may… Read More

Community Remembers Tecumseh Firefighter Killed in Motorcycle Crash

The local community is mourning the death of a Tecumseh firefighter and engineer with the City of Windsor killed in a motorcycle crash last Friday night. Michael Anthony Abaldo, 38, was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a motor vehicle. It… Read More

Fatal Collision on Highway 3 Being Investigated By Essex County OPP

One person has died and another person was treated for minor injuries Friday night following a collision in Tecumseh between a motorcycle and a motor vehicle. Essex County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Essex-Windsor EMS, and Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service… Read More

Holding a Third Party Responsible for an Impaired Driving Accident

Impaired driving accidents often happen when people drink too much at a bar, tavern, or restaurant and choose to get behind the wheel. When an at-fault driver is found impaired after an accident, it is reasonable to question whether the establishment… Read More

Teen Hit By a Car on County Road 20, Charges Currently Pending

A 14-year-old was rushed to the local hospital with life-altering injures after being hit by a car in Kingsville on Sunday afternoon. Essex County OPP and EMS were called to the accident scene on County Road 20 near Simmers Avenue. Police say that around… Read More

Kingsville OPP Seeking Witnesses After Serious Single-Vehicle Accident

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are seeking witnesses after a serious single-vehicle collision that injured three people in Kingsville on Sunday night. It took place on County Road 20 west of County Road 45 at about 10 p.m. Police say a white SUV left… Read More

Do Prior Convictions Impact the Outcome of a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Having a prior driving conviction, no matter how minor, can not only affect your insurance rates, but it could also impact your chances at recovering damages in a car accident lawsuit. This is why is it important to have an experienced lawyer by your… Read More

Are Dependents Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?

Most Ontario residents depend on a family member’s auto insurance policy to cover them when a car accident happens. The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, a form of no fault insurance coverage in Ontario, states that an insured individual includes… Read More

How Can Gap Insurance Help Me After an Accident?

If your car gets totaled in an accident and the value is less that what is currently owed on your loan, that balance would need to be paid. This balance could be quite costly, ranging in the thousands of dollars. This is where gap insurance could be… Read More