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How to Drive on Black Ice

Black ice is responsible for dozens of auto accidents each year across Ontario, and other locations where freezing temperatures are present. This type of ice forms when freezing rain or snow melts, then re-freezes, thus resulting in a clear and transparent… Read More

Holiday Choir Fundraising Event

The Greg Monforton & Partners Holiday Choir performed at Devonshire Mall on Tuesday December 3, 2013singing for money and proudly raising over $1,600 from shoppers for the Sunshine Foundation Dreams for Kids http://www.sunshine.ca/. The Sunshine Foundation… Read More

London Woman Killed In Traffic Collision

In northwest London, police recently identified the victim of Saturdays collision.Around 3:45 PM on Saturday several reports were made regarding a collision between three vehicles in the Hyde Park Road and Sunningdale Road area. There were a total of… Read More

University of Windsor Law School May Relocate Downtown

Read Original Article At CBC news Windsor According to reliable sources reporting to CBC News, it has been revealed that the University of Windsor Faculty of Law is currently considering a move to the Paul Martin federal building located at Ouellette… Read More

Windsor Drivers Improving, Distracted Driving Crashes Up

Read Original Article At The Windsor Star Windsor drivers are doing slightly better avoiding accidents compared to cities across Canada, but distracted driving continues to grow here and across the country, according to a study by Allstate Insurance. Windsor… Read More

Prevent Deadly Injuries to Your Family with One Simple Household Item

According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five fire deaths occur in houses without smoke alarms, or with smoke alarms that no longer work. Without a doubt, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms save lives. However, in order to work;… Read More

Greg Monforton Discusses Ethics In The Legal Industry

In a recent interview on CBC, Greg Monforton was asked about the topic of ethics within the legal industry and why there is a need to raise the standard of those ethics for the greater good of the community. To watch the full video, please click on the… Read More

Snow Squalls Cause Dozens of Accidents on Highway 400

Snow squalls and whiteout conditions caused dozens of car accidents on Highway 400 Tuesday morning, forcing police to close the highway in two locations, according to the OPP highway safety division. A spokesperson said there was a multi-vehicle… Read More

Ontario Bill To Ban Sales of Flavoured Cigarellos, Chewing Tobacco

Ontario will follow Alberta's lead and introduce legislation to ban all sales of candy-flavoured tobacco products. The Ontario bill would turn an existing restriction on selling candy - and fruit-flavoured cigarillos and chewing tobacco to youth - to… Read More

More traffic mayhem expected with snow squalls in Southwestern Ontario

Emergency workers responded to more than 160 crashes in the London area within 24 hours during the first winter storm of the season, police said.. And with snow squalls predicted and temperatures expected to drop, police were bracing for more of the… Read More