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Aggressive Dog That Injured 80-Year-Old Must Be Dealt With

Police and animal control officers responded to an incident near Harrow on Thursday following a dog biting an 80-year-old man.  The man said he was trying to stop a fight between two dogs. This dog which caused the fighting had broken through a screen… Read More

Amherstburg Man Charged With Drunk Driving Following Fiery Crash

An Amherstburg man is being charged for drunk driving after causing a fiery crash which resulted in his passenger going to the hospital with serious injuries. The man is being charged for operating his car while having a blood alcohol content of over… Read More

Another Victim Claimed: Bicycles Prove Dangerous Transportation for Migrant Workers

48-year-old husband and father Alejandro Rivera Marquez, a migrant worker from Puebla, a Mexican state in the southeast region, is the latest victim of a bicycle accident in Leamington and Kingsville. He is in critical condition. He lies in Hotel-Dieu… Read More

Auto Insurance Rates to Drop 15 Percent

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa has announced that Thursday's budget will propose a 15 per cent cut in auto insurance premiums. It is also unclear when drivers will start seeing their rates drop, Sousa acknowledged Tuesday.  "My proposal would… Read More


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Windsor Family Hires Greg Monforton and Partners

Greg Monforton and Partners will be representing a Windsor area family whose children were killed in a 43 car pileup on Interstate 75 in Detroit in January. They are asking that any witnesses come forward to help determine if there were any negligent… Read More

UPDATE: Law Firm Moves to Chrysler Building

Three weeks after moving his Windsor personal injury law firm into the eighth floor of the downtown Chrysler Canada headquarters building, Greg Monforton feels he's come full circle. I've been working downtown since I was a teenager when I worked in… Read More

Greg Monforton and Partners Moves to Chrysler Building

Greg Monforton & Partners announced today that the law firm has vacated its old downtown office location but remains committed to downtown Windsor and has relocated to occupy the entire 8th floor of the Chrysler Building at 1 Riverside Drive West. Greg… Read More

Greg Monforton and Partners Is Pleased to Provide Free Legal Help to Canada's Veterans

Windsor personal injury lawyer Greg Monforton today announced that his law firm is offering a new, free legal service Trial Lawyers for Veterans for vets seeking disability benefits from the Canadian government. Monforton says that "our veterans do so… Read More

Ontario Mother Wants Answers in Child's Death

The family of an eight-year-old girl who died at a Windsor, Ont., hospital last month has hired a lawyer to help her find out why the little girl died. Destiny Sammut died Feb. 7 in the emergency room at Windsor Regional Hospital. More than a month… Read More