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Understanding an Examination for Discovery in a Personal Injury Case

As you pursue a personal injury lawsuit, one step that is likely to be conducted before trial is an examination for discovery. Understanding how this process is conducted and how to best prepare for it could be beneficial to any case. If you were injured… Read More

Negligence Cases and the Reasonable Person Standard

In most personal injury cases, the reasonable person standard is what is used to determine if negligence has occurred and whether that negligence is connected to the accident and any resulting injuries. Our Windsor personal injury lawyers have helped… Read More

Assumptions After a Crash That Hurt Insurance Claims

Car insurance offers financial protection in the event of an accident. However, many victims may have false assumptions about coverage. When it comes to insurance, you should know what and how much your policy covers to avoid unnecessary setbacks in pursuing… Read More

Charity Euchre Tournament Sponsored By Greg Monforton & Partners is a Success

Last night, Greg Monforton & Partners partnered up with Bayshore Health Care to host and sponsor a charity Euchre tournament. All proceeds raised at the event are going to support The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County. The center helps provide continued… Read More

Associate Irina Rosca to Be Presenter and Panelist at Windsor Law’s Clinical and Experiential Learning Event

On Wednesday, February 26th, our Associate Irina Rosca will take part in a panel discussion at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law showcase titled, “Clinic and Experiential Learning.” The discussion will focus on the importance of clinical and… Read More

Determining Liability for Damages in Ridesharing Accidents

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have become popular among Ontario residents. While these services are an affordable alternative for passengers compared to taking a cab and a way to earn some extra cash as a driver, accidents can still happen… Read More

When Truck Accidents Are Caused by Drug or Alcohol Impairment

Impaired driving by truck drivers is a serious threat to the safety of the general public. Commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and in the event of an accident, the results are often catastrophic. Many victims sustain severe injuries that… Read More

Latest Report Finds Ontario Drivers Are Overpaying for Car Insurance

According to a new report, Ontario drivers are overpaying for car insurance, between $7.6 and $12.7 billion from 2001 to 2018. This represents about 7.8 percent of the total premiums paid for car insurance in the province during this period. The top… Read More

Expert Witnesses and Their Potential Impact on Personal Injury Cases

The potential success of a personal injury case is often connected to how well the victim and his or her lawyer can explain the facts and issues involved. Experienced personal injury lawyers know the value that an expert witness can provide in some cases… Read More

Partner Dina Mejalli’s Daughter Wins Gold Medal at Super Series - LaSalle

On behalf of the legal team at Greg Monforton and Partners, congratulations are in order for our partner Dina Mejalli as her daughter Daniella won a gold medal at the Super Series – LaSalle. It is a figure skating competition hosted by Skate LaSalle,… Read More