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Partner Jennifer Bezaire Wins Motion to Strike Jury Due to COVID-19

Available via this link is a recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice with regard to a motion brought by partner Jennifer Bezaire seeking to strike a jury because of COVID-19-caused delays in getting this matter to trial. The defendant… Read More

Partner Dina Mejalli and Associate Irina Rosca Involved in Virtual Mentoring Event for Young Windsor Litigators

On Monday, March 22nd, partner Dina Mejalli will be acting as a mentor and associate Irina Rosca as co-chair of a virtual event hosted by The Advocates’ Society (TAS) titled, “Time is on Your Side.” The event will focus on the most effective ways young… Read More

Evidence That May Help Prove a Driver Was Distracted

Distracted driving accidents can cause serious injuries and are among the leading causes of traffic fatalities. If you have been injured in a crash, the other driver may have been texting or otherwise distracted. You may be eligible to pursue compensation… Read More

Am I Able to Receive Accident Benefits If I Suffered a Minor Injury?

The short answer is yes. You may be eligible to receive general benefits in accordance with Ontario’s Minor Injury Guideline (MIG). The MIG provides a framework for the treatment of insured individuals who sustain minor injuries in a car accident. Below,… Read More

What Are Contingency Fees?

What Does it Mean to Charge No Upfront Fees? At Greg Monforton & Partners, there are no upfront fees to talk to a lawyer about your injuries or disability, there are no upfront fees if we agree to handle your case and there are no upfront fees while… Read More

Ontario Drivers Facing Higher Auto Insurance Premiums in COVID-19 Era

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are driving less, resulting in fewer cars on the roadways. Not only is traffic down, but the number of reported crashes has also decreased by more than half compared to previous years. Despite this, many… Read More

Does My Auto Insurance Policy Cover Accidents Caused by Snow or Black Ice?

Accidents often occur when road conditions are poor, making it riskier to drive safely. Snow and black ice can cause the roads to be slippery. A driver can easily lose control of his or her vehicle and cause a crash. On major highways, the injuries and… Read More

Can I File a Lawsuit on Behalf of an Incapacitated Victim?

When a victim is severely injured in an accident, he or she may be physically or mentally incapable of pursuing compensation for his or her damages. If that victim is a loved one, you may be wondering if someone else may be able to take legal action on… Read More

Do I Have a Claim in a Single-Vehicle Accident?

A single-vehicle accident can happen when a vehicle hits an object on the road, spins out without hitting anything, runs off the road or flips over. Since only one vehicle is involved in the accident, you may be wondering if pursuing compensation will… Read More

What If My Injury Worsens After Reaching a Settlement?

Certain injuries can be unpredictable. You may not be responding to treatment well as your doctor had hoped. Even with treatment, your condition may continue to worsen. For instance, you may suffer from an infection that requires on-going medical care. It… Read More