Stolen Minivan Causes Multi-Car Pileup

An investigation is underway regarding a four car pileup caused by a stolen minivan. The accident occurred around 9:30 PM on Tuesday at the intersection of Twin Oaks Drive and Lauzon Parkway.

The minivan was reported stolen on Monday, while the OPP was in pursuit of the vehicle along the 401 before the crash occurred. The minivan drove over a spike belt laid down by police officers and continued to drive until it caused the accident. The van was not being pursued at the time of the accident.

As there were only minor injuries resulting from this accident, our lawyers hope for the full recovery of all injured individuals and extend a helping hand to those in need.  Unfortunately, in this case there was not much anyone could do to prepare for the situation. As most individuals practice defensive driving, the reckless driver of this stolen minivan was not, thus resulting in an accident with injures.

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