Law Firm Lays Blame On Truck, Not Weather, For I-75 Fatal Collision

In recent developments concerning this tragedy, the law offices of Greg Monforton and Partners have alleged that the truck involved in this crash was driven by a driver with a poor driving record and in a vehicle that had deficient brakes, which were deciding factors in the tragedy that occurred on Michigan's I-75.

The law firm representing the local victims' family - Greg Monforton and Partners - have stated "All the information at our disposal at this point in time leads us to conclude that (this accident) was avoidable. It was preventable. And it was entirely needless,".

The incident involved a Mazda sedan which was carrying nine year old Gabrielle Greenwood and seven year old Aidan Hicks in a snowstorm on January 31st, became involved in a multi-vehicle collision on Interstate I-75.

Following a series of minor collisions, the side of the sedan was smashed by a transport truck. While Aidan's mother and Gabrielle's father and 10-year-old sister survived, Gabrielle and Aidan were both killed.

Greg Monforton and Partners are representing the Greenwood family.

Source: The Windsor Star