Fake Auto Insurance Increasing In Canada

In an article recently published by the Windsor Star, prominent Windsor lawyer Greg Monforton was quoted regarding his concerns about the dangers of Canadian motorists not checking the validity of their auto insurance policy.

It's been discovered by Windsor Police that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of companies selling and issuing fake car insurance ID cards, which innocent motorists are buying and using without any knowledge about the policy being fake.

To reinforce this information, it's reported that the body that regulates the auto-insurance industry - the Financial Services Commission of Ontario - has received a consistent amount of complaints from motorists that have purchased fake auto insurance policies from both companies and individuals that are unlicensed to do so.

By running advertisements in local papers, online and through email marketing, these companies lure in unsuspecting drivers with low auto insurance rates and in some instances, they use a company name that is very similar to that of a genuine insurance company.

With the MINIMUM fine for driving without insurance being $5,000 - even for drivers that are not aware that their policies are not genuine, it's important for motorists to check the validity of their policies.

"The bottom line is people should be very careful when purchasing automobile insurance", Greg Monforton added.

Source: The Windsor Star