Civic Holiday Weekend Results in Over 7,000 Police Charges

Ontario Provincial Police laid out over 7,000 charges during the long Civic holiday weekend, however, they also noted that the number of fatalities was the lowest in the past 20 years. 

I believe the public did an excellent job cooperating with our officers to keep the long weekend safe for everyone I encourage drivers, boaters and trail users to keep this positive trend up so that we can have one of the lowest fatality rates on record for the entire year. OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis told CTV News.

Over the weekend the OPP enforced the move over law, seat belt use, and watched for distracted, impaired, and aggressive driving. The following charges were made:

  • 83 Street Racing Violations
  • 290 Failing to Obey Move Over Law
  • 6,025 Speeding Violations
  • 375 Seatbelt Charges
  • 233 Distracted Driving Charges
  • 96 Driving While Impaired
  • 91 Roadside Drivers Licence Suspensions for Drivers  with Blood Alcohol Level Between .05 and .08

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation accident statistics of 2009, driver inattentiveness and speeding were two of the most common causes of car collisions. Driving while under the influence accounted for more than 6,500 car accidents that year as well.

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